Errand Running Benefits For Happier Employees & More Productive Business

Retaining employees can be easier than you thought when you provide them with the benefit of time.

As business owners, we know that finding the right employees and keeping them is a unique combination that is constantly changing.According to Forbes, there is now growing evidence that when one’s employees are happy, organizations thrive (Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone). Although that was written almost 3 years ago, we are now finding that it is remarkably true in today’s business and the benefits we provide are an integral part of that. We are now dealing with people who want things immediately and it is more than just a 401(k) and good health coverage. People are looking for something new that they can benefit from today, that helps improve their lives tomorrow.

Considering our employees who work so hard, put in the hours, and that might even have families at home, we must be aware of what little free time they actually have to recharge, relax, exercise and do what they enjoy. Adding in the time it takes waiting at home for electricians, plumbers, etc., running errands, going shopping, buying gifts, getting cars washed, gassed & maintained, and not to mention the time it takes just trying to figure out how to get it all done, it’s a lot.

Now, think about a world where you could just pick up the phone or send an email and know that all of that would be taken care of professionally, efficiently and to your standards. To imagine that you could virtually be in two places at the same time, getting things done to your own specifications, while you are at work or just living life, must give you peace of mind. Take a deep breath and smile because it can all be a reality.

Peace of mind is happiness that your employees will have when you choose to give them the benefit of time, allowing them to be more productive while working for you. Smart business owners are providing more convenience and tailored benefits to retain their best employees. Businesses that want to thrive Simply Dial 808-ERRANDS.

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