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Ways We Give Back: Helping People In Need

We Are Dedicated To Our Community. We are wholeheartedly loyal to our friends and neighbors. We dedicate our time, energy, and resources to assist our community by donating a minimum of 10% of all our service fees to the God’s Tithing Foundation whose mission is to help people in need with a kind, compassionate and generous heart. When you call on us to help you, you are automatically helping someone else who really needs it. 

Our work is strictly voluntary, so, 100% of the proceeds to go helping others and taking care of necessary expenses to keep this organization moving forward.


Help our cause. Do a good deed by giving to those in need

Donna Lynn Rodriguez

Founder, God’s Tithing Foundation

My name is Donna Lynn Rodriguez, founder of God’s Tithing Foundation, and here is the story behind why this 501(c)3 nonprofit, was created.

I was raised in a family that went to church and believed in God, and yet somehow, as a teenager, I began making choices that put me through experiences and situations that molded me an extremely negative way. I was on a path filled with shame, regret, anger, and confusion, so I turned to a life of alcohol and drugs, which lasted for over 25 years. Even after watching many friends die and knowing that would be me if I didn’t change, I couldn’t. I did not have the strength to do it on my own. And, although I knew about God, I felt like He didn’t want anything to do with someone like me because of the horrible things I had done.

After several attempts and moves, seeking sobriety and a clean slate without success, I remember walking the streets of Waikiki, homeless and hungry, and noticing the way people would see me, and yet, not look at me and keep walking. They couldn’t see that this wasn’t how I was supposed to turn out and that I had a good family, who loved me and even wanted me to go home. They didn’t know that I was only there because of one very bad decision that lead me to the next one, that made the next bad decision so easy to say yes to, and that I was scared and completely unable to turn around and find a way out. They know and couldn’t they tell that I needed help and that I was rock bottom.

Then one night when I just couldn’t take it anymore, I cried out to God and begged Him to take this one addiction away from me. For hours I cried and prayed until I could no longer breathe. The next morning, God answered, and I received the most amazing miracle of healing that I had ever experienced up to that point. I felt the power of God and I knew He was there because my biggest addiction was gone… just like that and I was on the path to full recovery. .

I surrendered my life to Jesus on April 19th, 2012 and since then, He has led me to use these experiences to help, encourage and inspire those in similar situations.  Whether it is a Bible and prayer with words of hope, a blanket, hot meal, necessities, childcare, assistance paying rent or utilities, so they can stay in their home, we are here to help.  We know every person is different, so, we take the time to find out exactly what they need.  We never want someone to feel like they aren’t seen.   If God had a plan for me, then I know He has a plan for everyone, and my job is to see where they are and help get them where God wants them to be. 

Thank you for helping us help others & God bless you.