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Donna Lynn Rodriguez

Donna Lynn Rodriguez

Owner, B Everywhere Errands & Concierge

My name is Donna Lynn Rodriguez, Owner and Founder of B Everywhere Errands & Concierge.  I started this company over 10 years ago, which began as Busy Bees’ Buyers, an everyday errand running service, which was inspired by my Grandfather in 2009 when he was in hospice.  I had found that there was a need to help people get things done, when they could not do it themselves.

Over the years I have seen and experienced the lifestyle of a single parent household, while being a full-time business professional, and we as a company, fully understand the importance of having a trustworthy “village” to make sure all the demands of life are not just met, but exceeded.  The reality is that life is to be lived with aspiring goals, dreams and ambitions for unprecedented success, which has guided us in the evolution and transformation into an even greater form of support for people.  We  are dedicated and passionate about catering to driven individuals, companies and their employees who understand the true value of Time and Life Management. We are dedicated to helping people succeed and prosper by sharing in the responsibilities of everyday life and taking on the essential aspects, that you as a client, can delegate to another person.  

We are founded on the principals of a Christian mindset and donate a very generous portion of our service fees to Waking Up Smiling, a non profit whose mission is to help those in need.  So, when you allow us to serve you, you are automatically helping someone else who in need.

We are excited to be with you on this journey and look forward to personally assisting you through life.

God bless you.