Insights to Effective Delegating

DO YOU EVER WONDER why so many successful people spend most of their time either on the golf course or on vacation?
-- It is because they have learned how to effectively delegate everything they can to the right people.

A monetarily wealthy friend of mine once told me that he spends minimal time working and the majority of his time traveling with his wife because he solely does what only he can do and delegates the rest.

At that moment it started to make perfect sense to me and I began hiring people seeing the immediate benefits of not needing to do it all on my own. We as business owners and leaders are able to spend more time doing what is important when we delegate properly.

Delegate to someone you like. It is so important to work with people you are comfortable with, which makes trusting them even easier. Choosing the right personality will lead to longer work relationships and better morale for you and your team.

Take the time to train and explain. We often just want to hand off certain tasks without giving a detailed explanation of the expectations, even though in our mind we already know, or have a good idea of what it is we want. The more clarity and direction we give, the better the results.

Get great minds to think alike. You chose this person for a reason, however, what is basic and common for you, maybe challenging for them. Unless you are delegating to someone who has been with you since birth, they are more likely to produce the way you want them to when you take the time to make yourself clear and give proper explanations. Letting someone know why you want something a certain way, or vice versa will give them a better understanding of how you think, which will help them make better decisions for you in the future. Then your great minds will begin to think alike.

Ask for their ideas and insight. Sharing is caring. People feel empowered and generally care more about the tasks they are doing when we ask them to share their thoughts and ideas. It is amazing to see how creativity is sparked and motivation increased when we do this.

Repeat and confirm. This is one of the biggest time-saving tips when it comes to delegating. Have your chosen one(s) repeat back to you what they understand their job is. This will give you the opportunity to make sure you gave clear instructions, and proper direction, and that they feel comfortable with what you are having them do. This step also gives them one more chance to ask questions and for you to relay or reemphasize important information.

Stand back and let them work. It is important to let go and allow the work to be completed before you give your feedback unless asked. Make yourself available to them for any questions and check in to see their progress. Only when we keep the lines of communication open are we truly able to communicate.

Give truthful feedback in a positive and encouraging way. Be sure to always start with what you like about their work and try not to leave anything out. It is so important that people’s efforts are being recognized, which will lead to better performance. When there are things that need to be addressed, do it with a courteous explanation and remind them of the value of the work they are doing. We always work better when we are appreciated.

Whether it is generating new business, finding ways to run more efficiently, or just spending uninterrupted quality time with friends and family, it is possible when we effectively delegate.

Always remember that we are most effective leaders when we spend our time doing only what we can do and choosing the right people to handle the rest.

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