We Are Errand Runners, Couriers & Messengers

Simply Dial: 808-ERRANDS (808-377-2637)

B Everywhere Errands is Hawaii’s Premier Errand Running Service, offering Oahu help for running errands, pick up & delivery services, personal shopping and much more.  We are able to assist you with basically anything that can be delegated to anyone outside of the home or office.  Our reliable and friendly service will have you dialing 808-ERRANDS over and over again.  Let us stand in those long lines and wait in traffic while you spend time relaxing with your family and friends, doing what you love to do.  Please allow our dedication to helping others benefit you, by providing the benchmark in customer service for all of your out and about needs.

Our Mission:

We let God lead.  We run errands, efficiently, reliably and accurately.  We give back to our community through God’s Tithing Foundation.  We take this business personally, and, strive to have values that help inspire the world. 

Errand Running Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

1You Ring… Dial 808-ERRANDS (808-377-2637), and place your order by telling us what you want, when you want it & where you would like it delivered.   You may also conveniently place your order online.

2A professional errand runner will get exactly what you ordered.  If we have any questions, we will keep in contact with you to ensure quality service.  If you scheduled something for later, we will place it in our calendar and have it when you need it.

3…We Bring.  We complete your order by delivering your request to your designated location.  For your convenience, we accept just about all forms of payment.  It is that easy.

Forms of Payment

Our Pricing

We do understand that there are many people who are in need of our services, and may not have many resources to give.  So, when you give us 2 working day’s notice, we allow you to select the fee you feel is fair, reasonable and can afford.  Typically, those who have more, generously give more to help compensate for those we assist who cannot afford a service like this. 

As for those last minute needs, within a 2 day time period, there is a $50 fee per request and an express fee of $25.

We do our best to work as efficiently as possible and be ontime everytime.


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We Assist With Elderly Needs

Elderly NeedsHow many of our grandparents or elders love their glazed donuts and malasadas every week?  How many need personal essentials and depend on others to get them?  We have been assisting with elderly needs, in many areas, for over 7 years.  Elderly Needs HawaiiIt started with my Grandpa who was in hospice, then my Grandmother and now others.  We take this part of our business very personally and take great joy in providing necessities and helping out any way we can.  Please let us help you with the ones you love.

Our Dedication To Our Community

We are errand runners, who are wholehearted and loyal to our friends and neighbors.  First of all, we dedicate time, energy and resources to assist those in need, by donating a minimum of 10% of every dollar collected to God’s Tithing Foundation

Our Love For Listening

We would love for you to share your experience with us on our Testimonials page.  This helps let others know that we are consistent and passionate about the service we provide.  Also, please feel free to ask us any questions or give us some suggestions on our Contact Us page.  We want to do what is right, so, PLEASE let us know what and where you think we can improve.

In conclusion, please help support a company that loves the Lord and the people and creatures He created.  We know that when we all help each other, we all come out where God intends for us to be.

We certainly appreciate your kindness.

Errand Running, Messenger & Courier Services

Here are just a few examples of the things our errand runners will pick up and deliver for you:

  • Groceries
  • Car registration and/or safety check
  • Courier Services
  • Pick up & delivery
  • Gifts (wrapped and shipped if needed)
  • Elderly & baby needs
  • Charitable donations
  • Snacks for a meeting
  • Documents & court filings
  • Multiple inter-office deliveries
  • Post office packages
  • Retail purchases
  • Take you car in for service
  • Dry cleaning
  • Office supplies
  • Check your mail while on vacation and send it to you or hold on to it
  • Leis & flowers for any special occasion
  • Taking small items to storage
  • Deliver items to your hotel… and much, MUCH more.

Our Fee17 - You Select The Fee

Did we mention also that you get to select the fee?  We at 808-ERRANDS know that every errand is unique and you know what your time is worth, so, when you give us a minimum of 2 days notice, we leave the cost up to you.

808-ERRANDS featured in Midweek 9/14/2016


 God bless you and all you are connected to.