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We specialize in customizing packages to fit the specific needs of every company to provide a better way of living & working for you and your employees.
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Corporate Concierge - The Employee Benefit Packages that benefits You

How we spend our time is the most important decision made throughout the day. Not having enough of it affects our productivity, happiness, mental health, and how we engage with others, which leads to stress and potential burnout.

B Everywhere Errands & Concierge helps companies be more productive and profitable by assisting employees with day-to-day responsibilities. We increase their ability to focus on what is most important, and eliminate the stress of trying to get it all done. We are the key to true work/life balance, the ability to excel, succeed & achieve goals, and the freedom to accomplish it all.

The Benefits of our benefits

Retain current employees
Attract qualified candidates
Increased productivity
Happier employees
More engaged staff
Improved creativity
Enhanced Morale
Positive work culture
Decreased absences

The BEE Employee Benefit Package

Running around all day shopping & picking things up, trying to find the best contractors, restaurants & events, as well as taking care of our pets can take several hours a week.  We provide all the time needed to get it all done.

  • Errand Running / Personal Shopping
  • Courier / Pick Up & Delivery
  • Unlimited Concierge Services
  • Pet Transportation

The Hive Employee Benefit Package

You can go into work with a dirty ride, empty gas tank, & low oil, with an expired safety and come out with a washed, waxed & detailed ride, full tank of gas, oil changed and renewed safety.  Saving this much time will get work done ahead of schedule.

  • BEE At Home Waiting Service
  • BEE Home Away From Home
  • Home / Office Organization
  • Auto Delivery for Service & Maintenance

The Honey Employee Benefit Package

It takes time to take care of all the special occasions throughout the year.  With this employee benefit package, we provide reminders, gift ideas, shopping, wrapping, shipping and everything pertaining to the important people in life.

  • Thoughtful Customized Gift Baskets
  • Gift Shopping & Wrapping
  • Decorating
  • Handwriting Cards
  • Singing Telegrams
  • BEE Reminded (Not offered A La Carte)
  • Gift Ideas

The Queen Employee Benefit Package

Enjoy everything we have to offer including The Queen’s EXCLUSIVE FEATURE of rolling over unused credits.  This is your ultimate opportunity for efficiency and savings to maximize your time, energy and free time.

  • The BEE, Hive & Honey Services
  • Document Shredding
  • Secret Shopping
  • Corporate Unit / Vacation Rental Inspections
  • Mini-Admin
  • Fly With A BEE
  • Mobile Notary Services

We are working on a pricing calculator to make things easier for you, but until then, if you are looking to do something awesome for your employees, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  And, if’ you’re just not sure what to do next, simply contact us and we are happy to walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you get the best package that suits your needs.

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