Services & Options

From the very basic to the most luxurious...
We handle every aspect of your unique lifestlye.


We specialize in customizing long term options or projects that directly reflect and positively impact  your lifestyle. 

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If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it on our menu, please give us a call.  Most of our options came from requests from people just like you. 

We are Created to Serve You.

Lifestyle Concierge Options

Time is of the essence, so let’s keep things simple.  We have 3 options available.  Utilizing all 3 congruently obviously has the the greatest optimization of your life, money and time.

Personal Concierge is for individuals and includes 1-2 requesters on the same account.

Corporate Concierge  is  for business support and includes 1-2 requesters on the same account.

Employee Concierge is for employees with unlimited number of team members.

Concierge & Personal Services

Life after delegation has never been so good.

Home & Auto

Taking care of all of your home and auto needs

All Things Gifts

Consider all of your gifts bought, wrapped & delivered.

Business Services

We keep your business thriving.

Our Process


Let’s start with a simple questionnaire to find out a few specifics about what you are needing.  At the end of the questionnaire you will be guided to schedule a Discovery Call.


We have a discovery call to go over your questionnaire and make sure we understand exactly what you are needing and give you an opportunity to ask us any questions you might have.  In other words, we get to know each other.


We take  all of the information we have gathered and design a customized proposal.  This usually takes us about a week to prepare.  Feel free to call us during this time with additional questions and feedback.  


We Agree

We’ll meet again to deliver and go over our proposal to you and any other decision makers.  Then we iron out the details and come to an agreement where everybody is happy.


Your assigned Lifestyle Concierge will begin scheduling with you immediately and you can sit back, relax and know that you have just made one of the best decisions of your life!