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About Us

My name is Donna Lynn Rodriguez and I was raised Catholic with a foundation of church and family.  As I grew older, grown up decision started coming at a very early age and I began making choices that were not favorable to myself, my family and most importantly, to the God who created me.  I always knew in my heart there was a better way, but, I felt I had nobody I could trust or turn to in my time of need.  The people I did choose to confide in lead me down a darker path.  The road I was on for many years was filled with shame, confusion and regret which kept fueling the demons that were dwelling within me.  The last thing I wanted to do was think about the horrible acts I had done, so I found things to take that pain away.  Even writing this, my body becomes weak just thinking of what I did and caused other people to do during the course of over 20 years.  Many friends died along the way and I still couldn’t change.  I began to try to redirect my mind in a more positive manner and rely on the premise that “our thoughts manifest our reality.”   Now, I had Angels and demons pulling me in both directions.  I was at rock bottom.  I was addicted, ruthless, shameful, homeless, confused, hungry, without hope and inside I felt like God didn’t want anything to do with a sinner like me.

Then one night I cried out to God, and all in the heavens up above, and told Him I couldn’t take it anymore and to please take this away from me.  I cried and prayed for hours until I could no longer breathe.  The next morning, I received the most amazing miracle of healing that I had ever experienced up to that point.  I felt the power of God and I knew He was there.  My biggest addiction was gone… just like that and I was on the path to full recovery. I dedicated my life to God through Jesus in April 2012 and have promised to use these challenges to help those in need.  My goal is to talk to anyone who may be addicted, deal drugs, homeless, angry, adulterers, or anyone who has had or guided someone towards an abortion.  I want to help those who have been raped or trade their beautiful bodies for money or resources, and encourage all who need inspiration.  I am here to let everyone know that God will get us out of every situation and put us in a better place when we put our trust in Him. God’s Tithing Foundation was created to help everyone in need and we have all been in need from time to time.  I have been to the dark side, pulled down with the fallen, then, lifted up by the hands and grace of God and subject to His miracles.  I believe I can guide others to experience that as well.  Who better to help, than those who have encountered and can relate?  This is my calling. Whether it is a Bible and prayer with words of hope, a blanket, a hot meal, necessities, childcare, assistance paying rent, so they can stay in their home, we are here to help.  We are open to God blessing people through us. We know every person is different, so, we take the time to find out what exactly they need.  Our mission is to help people placed in our path, as much as possible and be there for them in their time of struggle, as many times as necessary in order to get them where God intends for them to be.

We are here in faith to help and do what we can when we can.

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