Gift Baskets

Whether it's a special occasion or your just thinking of someone you want to make smile, WE CAN HELP!

Looking for a Thoughtful Customized Gift Basket?

EVERYONE  of Our Gift Baskets Are Custom Made & Unique

There is nothing we love more than delivering happiness.  We are diligent in making sure you are sending the right gift with the perfect message.  We know there is importance in the details, so, we will always take the time to ask you the most detailed questions, in order to show your recipient that each item was carefully and caringly selected with your desired intention.  This is our promise to you.

We Are Even Willing to Deliver It With A Song - See Singing Telegrams Below

We know how busy life can get, so we are here to help you remember and keep track of all of your special dates throughout the months and years come to ensure EVERYONE you love and want to remember is always taken care of.   Simply dial 808-ERRANDS or Email Us for more details.

Send It With A Song 

Singing Telegrams

What better way to send a message than through the perfect song.  We have the professionals ready to sing on key, or, if you want some laughter, we have an off-key alternative as well as long as the person on the receiving end has a sense of humor.

Ready for us to deliver some happiness to someone?

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