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Document Shredding

Have boxes of documents that need to be shredded? Great! We are happy to pick up and securely shred all your confidential documents.

Secret Shopping

Ever wonder how employees are really doing and maybe want some unbiased feedback on the things that matter to you? Reviews may not always pick up on everything. We are happy to call, shop or deal online with anyone and relay back the criteria you set forth.

Corporate Housing Inspections

Call on the professionals to make sure your corporate unit is ready for move-in. We take notice of even the finest details making sure your home represents you the best way possible and is an accurate reflection of your impeccable taste. Count on us to inventory everything from dinnerware to towels, making sure all the drawers & cabinets open correctly and appliances are working properly. Simply give us your list of specification and we will professionally take care of everything on it.


AVAILABLE ONLY with The Queen Monthly Service
Sometimes we can all use an extra hand in the office to keep up with the current workload and growth.   "MiniAdmins" was created specifically for these needs either virtually or in your office.  We specialize in special projects and office tasks to keep you ahead of schedule.

BEE Reminded

AVAILABLE ONLY with The Queen Monthly Service Package.  Always remember birthdays and special dates throughout the year with this exclusive service. We will not only remind you of upcoming events, but even give you gift ideas, purchase them, wrap them and make sure they arrive on time. Just want to send a thoughtful card? We have you covered here as well. There is nothing better than people knowing that you remember them.

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