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We Are EXPERTS In Efficiency

When you Simply Dial 808-ERRANDS we help you achieve maximum productivity by giving you the time needed to focus on the things only you can accomplish or do what you really want, like just sitting back and relaxing.   Research shows that really efficient people know that concentrated effort, with few distractions leads to better work product in faster times.  Delegating tasks is the best way to get more done while instilling more productive habits.

With our extensive experience, professionalism and expertise, you will have peace of mind as we efficiently handle your day to day needs for your home and/or office.  Begin your Request Online.

Errand Running / Personal Shopping

How many errands do you run in a week?  We can probably take care of most of them.  We can get your gifts for ALL of you special occasions (including wrapping), take your car in to get serviced, run to the post office, Costco, Sam's, check your mail when you are out of town, prepare and mail care packages and make sure all of your retail purchases are handled right.  If you can delegate it to another person, then we are the ones to trust. 

Courier Service

We are always happy to deliver documents from one office to another, or to someone's front door.  Small to medium size packages are also on our list of specialties. 

We keep excellent documentation, while keeping your items safe and secure.  We will also let you know when your items are delivered and provide you with a signature upon receipt when requested.

Virtual Shopping

This feature is PERFECT for anyone who needs to be in two places at the same time.  We are happy to bring you along to the stores through video chat or send pictures to you while we shop.  This way you see exactly what we are seeing to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Legal Documents

We are qualified to take care of all of your courthouse filings and legal document deliveries. You can be confident that we will keep exceptional documentation and keep all things strictly confidential.

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